Petit déjeuner

Le réconfort qu’apporte un chocolat chaud et fumant est ici sublimé par le contenant lui-même… Quelque soit sa forme, une tasse, un mug ou encore un bol, il est complètement isolé de la chaleur, évitant ainsi les souvenirs douloureux, tandis que le bord fin laisse furtivement s’échapper quelques arômes...La transparence de la matière laissera, elle, entrevoir l’onctuosité du breuvage tant apprécié.

150 years of experience Delivery within 15 days 100% secure payment

150 years of experience

The knowledge and experience of Bernardaud has enabled the brand to maintain a high quality over the years. The Bernardaud factory has explored new territories while constantly innovating with the porcelain creations great designers, artists and creators.

Delivery within 15 days

His delivery is within 15 days Colissimo or courier to the address indicated by the customer on the order form which can only be in the area of delivery.

100% secure payment

The method of payment accepted by Bernardaud for the settlement of or purchases made by credit card Visa, Mastercard, American Express. The flow of your credit card occurs only once recording your order.